Sites Can No Longer Track You in Chrome’s Incognito Mode

The main purpose of Incognito Window is to enable us to roam without revealing any information that belongs to us to the other party. However, this is not at all what it should be in real life. Sites collect your information whether you are in ‘Incognito Window’ mode or not. Google, on the other hand, makes it impossible for websites to follow users with a new method it has developed.


Google has released Chrome 74 for supported platforms. Bringing picture-in-picture and many more innovations, the latest update of Chrome also includes an innovation that ensures that users are not tracked by websites whether the Incognito Window is open or not.


To activate this new feature added to Google’s internet browser, enter “chrome://flags/” without quotes in the search bar at the top of Google Chrome and enter the search button. It is enough to activate the Filesystem API option on the screen that will appear when you press it.

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