Software Trend of the Age “Sector-Specific Software”

Entrepreneur Turgut Umeç, who made statements about the future software trend in today’s digital world, where software is evolving from general to specific day by day, stated that in this period when digitalization is felt in all areas, the software should be created specifically for the sector or companies with the privatization.

Turgut Umeç, CEO of Pomelo Soft, which is one of the important actors of the sector in the production of software solutions, said of the new software trend, “The important thing in software is that it meets the need with point-to-point solutions. For this, it is necessary to know the company and the sector very well, and to analyze what it wants and needs very well. If these steps are done correctly, it becomes very easy for the software to be customized and meet the needs one-to-one. Present and future software solutions have to be in specialized forms.” he considered.

Referring to the role of the software team in this new software trend, Turgut Umeç said, “We are in the software industry when it is important to make your interlocutor feel special. We can now produce solutions on a sectoral and company basis, which we were able to produce using general software moves until now. As such, the company is very happy with the point-and-shoot solution moves specific to its sector and company. Even if the package is software, we can customize it with creative arrangements. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to work with a strong, visionary and dynamic team.”

Expressing that the software industry needs a very dynamic and innovative approach, Umeç said, “It is necessary to keep up with the ever-renewing trends and be aware of the developments. The fact that the software industry, which is developing in the world, is at a very advanced level in our country, is a result of the interest and dominance of Turkish engineers in their own fields. As Pomelo Soft Software, we take care to work with engineers who have this vision.”

Pomelo Soft Corporate Communications Director Can Esmer underlined that solution-oriented work in the sector with special software makes a significant contribution to both them and the companies, and said, “It is very important to make the other party feel special in the software world, as in every sector. Today, instead of a packaged software, we need to move forward with creative approaches for the needs of the industry. In order to be successful in these conditions, our focus is on the needs of the sector and meeting these needs in a healthy way.

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