Sony Compares PlayStation 4 and 5’s Load Times

Takashi Mochizuki, a technology writer in the Wall Street Journal, claimed that Sony compared the loading speeds of the PlayStation 4, officially the current game console, and the PlayStation 5, which is mentioned as the ‘next generation console in development’, during an event, and supported this claim with a video. .

According to the video, Sony attempted to open a scene from the same game on both consoles to compare the loading speed of the two consoles. Loading, which took 8.1 seconds on PlayStation 4, took just 0.8 seconds on PlayStation 5. This comparison also confirms the claims that the PlayStation 5 will come with an SSD.

We still have not learned the design of PlayStation 5 or the games that will be released with PlayStation 5, but Sony CEO stated that they continue to work with companies to ensure that PlayStation continues to be the most enjoyable way to play games. Because one of the features that makes PlayStation strong is that it has many unique games.

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