Sony to Turn PlayStation Games into TV Series and Movies

Sony established the ‘PlayStation Productions’ studio to produce series and movies based on games. Sony Studios will handle the distribution of the product, but will not license the brands as other game giants have done in the past. The company’s president, Shawn Layden, told The Hollywood Reporter that this is not only an opportunity to make more money, but also a good opportunity to break down Hollywood’s prejudice against games.

sony interactive entertainment ceo shawn layden acknowledges fortnite controversry

Many directors and stage writers don’t understand the game world, Layden says. On the contrary, PlayStation Prudictons has already started talking to important names in the industry such as Kevin Feige, given the incredible success Marvel has achieved. Layden also explained that the studio will not have a policy of annual releases, and that they will not be in any rush to deliver products quickly.

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The studio has already started the production phase of the projects, but has not yet specified the products that will be released. As it is known, the adapted versions of many plays for the big screen are described as ‘catastrophic’ by the audience. As an example, we can give the movie ‘Prince of Persia’. The real question is whether Sony will be able to adapt masterpieces like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Detroit: Become Human or Beyond Two Souls to the big screen without disappointing fans.

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