Sony Will Also Highlight Cloud Service on PlayStation 5

Work continues for Sony’s new game console PlayStation 5 without slowing down. There are new developments regarding the game console, where it will be released and the price has not yet been clarified. According to the new information that has emerged, Sony stated that with the PlayStation 5, PlayStation’s cloud gaming service will be brought to the fore even more and its work on this issue continues. It seems that Sony cares about cloud gaming as much as discs and digital downloads.


Sony did not provide detailed information about this service, but considering it, it is necessary to have a very strong internet connection for this service to be available. Also, Sony needs to have a good infrastructure to offer this service simultaneously. Making statements at this point, Sony officials stated that they are working on infrastructure development on the subject.

In fact, this feature is already available at Sony right now. Thanks to this service called PlayStation Now, console owners were able to play mostly old games over a cloud service. PlayStation Now, which contains many games, gave gamers a new experience. It is not yet known how Sony’s service will expand with the PlayStation 5 and how this system will work in seriously large games, but it is an undeniable fact that the technology giant has a plan on this issue.

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