Sony’s Latest Situation in the Phone Market, Withdrawn from Turkey

Sony ceased to be one of the ambitious brands of the smartphone market a long time ago. This is not new information, but a recent image from the company’s strategy presentation revealed how Sony has reduced its focus on smartphones.

Sony had already withdrawn its presence in the Turkish market. Along with Turkey, the Japanese technology giant has ended its focus on the entire Middle East, Africa, India, Australia, Southeast Asia and even Canada.


Sony’s current smartphone strategy includes only Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Europe. It is truly remarkable that the Japanese company is staying away from the world’s largest smartphone markets – China, the United States and India.

Sony has completely shifted the company’s manufacturing focus to consumer electronics and digital solutions. Therefore, reducing the focus on smartphones can be a useful method to reduce costs.

As we mentioned above, Sony is active in only 4 different markets. Consumers in other markets can access Sony Xperia phones through online stores, but often have to rely on the importer’s warranty.

Sony’s presence only through importers, apart from the markets it focuses on, causes the company to avoid expenses such as stores, services, transportation and employees in these markets. As a result, Sony wants to become a small but profitable company, at least for the smartphone industry.

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