South Korea Switches from Windows to Linux

South Korea, which wants to prepare for the unplugging of Windows 7 next year, announced that it will switch all state-run computers from Windows to Linux. Although the life of Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020, Microsoft has announced that it will continue to support this system for three more years.


The fees for Windows 7 after the ‘End of Life’ date will also increase gradually over the next three years. One year after End of Life, the cost per computer will increase to $25, the second year to $50, and the third year to $100. So for states like South Korea, the cost of Windows 7 will be quite high.

Windows 10, another operating system that states like South Korea can use, poses security risks for governments because it sends system information to Microsoft.

According to The Korea Herald, it is not yet clear which Linux distribution will be used by the South Korean government, which will switch from Windows to a Linux-based operating system. The country’s Home Office expects the switch to Linux to be quite expensive, with new computer purchases costing the government $655 million.

Choi Jang-hyuk, the ministry’s digital services bureau chief, said he hopes the ministry’s announcement of the open-source operating system will cut costs. Choi also stated that this way, they will avoid relying on a single operating system.

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