Soyuz-5 to be launched in the second half of 2022

The launch date of the new Soyuz-5 launch vehicle is “second half of 2022,” a representative of the Russian Federal Space Agency said on Sunday. Another source from the space field gave the date for the first launch of Soyuz-5 in November 2022.


The Soyuz-5 launch vehicle, which began development in 2016, is expected to act as the basis for a forward-looking Russian-made super-heavy rocket. The launch vehicle is scheduled to take Russia’s new space shuttle Federation into orbit. Soyuz-5 is designed to take cargo with four humans to the Moon and space stations in low Earth orbit.

Considering that the USA is not currently ready for manned space travel, Soyuz missions are still the most important and ready system for going into space. Soyuz-5 is still of great importance in this position.

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