SpaceX’s Starlink Satellites Spotted in the Night Sky

60 satellites belonging to Starlink, one of SpaceX’s intriguing projects, were launched into orbit in the past few days. Dutch satellite tracker Marco Langbroek has also released a video of these Starlink satellites launched.

Posting the video he took on his blog, Langbroek wrote, “Here’s a video I took, be prepared to lose your mind.” Marco Langbroek, who is actually an archaeologist but also interested in astronomy as an amateur, counted 56 of the Starlink satellites launched.

SpaceX first launched its satellites, which gave very beautiful images in the night sky, 440 km above the earth. When the satellites reach their final orbits, their height reaching the earth will be 550 km. Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX, said in his post on his Twitter account, “Everything is fine for now.”

Langbroek stated that SpaceX used the spread altitude and target orbital inclination information to shoot the video on Friday night. “What a wonderful sight it was,” the amateur astronomer said of the skyscape.

Each Starlink satellite is equipped with Krypton ion thrusters to adjust their orbits. SpaceX’s goal with these satellites is to provide more affordable internet access to many people around the world. The company aims to launch 12,000 satellites for this.

Considering that there are currently two thousand spacecraft in operation in the orbit of the world, it can be understood more clearly how extensive this project of SpaceX is.

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