Special Liquid Cooling Systems in Turkey #2

Can Eroğlu is our second guest, Conn Bilgisayar, Can, a member of GTM Teknoloji, gives us information especially from the company part of the business that sells and supplies products. In this way, we have the opportunity to convey another aspect of the business to those who are interested in special liquid cooling systems. We also talked about EK Waterblocks, Bitspower and other brands.

Although mostly hobby is preferred abroad, we see that it is mostly preferred by professionals in Turkey. Conn confirms that especially those who have performance expectations and say time is money, use such high-end solutions. There are many high-level system requirements such as architectural offices, which work especially long hours and do not want performance fluctuations.

In fact, the company has been bringing these parts to Turkey for 5 years. There are different brand parts, especially EK Waterblocks. We asked you questions such as the supply, stock of these parts, whether we could find them when we searched. How fast are new components coming with custom heatsinks when they come out? We also talked about examples such as the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080Ti. In fact, there is a much better situation than we expected, both the parts arrive quickly, they are shipped fast, and the stock of these components is kept in Turkey in sufficient quantities. In other words, parts are not expected from abroad. This is also important in terms of service, because the systems in professional use must be kept in working condition at all times.

If we look at the cultural side of the business, we see that the number of people who prefer it in terms of aesthetics has increased with the spread of the player culture. Of course, special liquid cooling systems are used by a small percentage of the population in Turkey with a higher budget than normal systems. Its prevalence is increasing, albeit slowly.

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