Special tournament for October 29 from the online trading platform

The online trading platform Binomo, organized the “98. It is partnering with the “Year Special” tournament. In the 5-day tournament, the top 10 investors have the opportunity to earn $6,000, while also discovering the world of investment.

Turkey is preparing to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Republic on October 29. The online trading platform Binomo, which organizes various events every year, is sharing the enthusiasm of the holiday in our country by organizing a special tournament for 29 October this time. ’98, which will start at 00:00 on October 25. The ‘Year Special’ will end on October 29 at 15:00. Participants in the top 10 will have the opportunity to win a total of 6 thousand dollars.

Participants grow the tournament’s prize pool

Anne Kmel, Binomo Special Projects Specialist, states that the participants have established their own ecosystems in the tournament and shares the following details about the event: “Participants in the Binomo 98th Anniversary Special Tournament bring movement because the prize pool rises according to the number of participants. We currently have a $6,000 fund in the pool. Those who enter the top 10 with their consistent predictions qualify for the prize by being on the leaderboard. As we celebrate the Republic Day, we invite everyone who wants to experience the world of investment with the 98th Anniversary Special privileges to our tournament.”

Festive enthusiasm is celebrated at the 98th Anniversary Special Tournament

Expressing that they want to turn their investment tools into a fun meeting point for the tournament participants for October 29, Anne Kmel expresses her excitement with the following words: “As the Binomo Family, we offer a roadmap for millions of investors from all income levels in 133 countries to seek additional income. Now, on the occasion of the Republic Day, the “98. Our “Year Special” tournament is a tool for candidates who want to experience the investment sector. The Binomo 98th Anniversary Special is based on making consistent forecasts of asset movements and anticipating the next step, taking into account risks.”

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