Spend 10.000 TL: Who Will Make The Best Technology Shopping?

Shopping gives us all great pleasure. Especially for us technology lovers, it is very nice to get lost in technology stores. In these cases, we usually have plenty of time, but little money. In the video we prepared today, we spent 10,000 TL in just 10 minutes. Lütfi and Çağdaş spend 5 thousand TL each in 5 minutes in the video, which welcomes us with extremely entertaining moments.

In our video where we purchased many products from game consoles to sound systems, from headphones to gimbals, we will present all these products to you, our valued followers. Do not forget to follow us for these products that we will give as gifts with the shares we will make from our social media accounts.

The most striking thing in the video was the shopping styles of Çağdaş and Lutfi. While Contemporary tends to more expensive and large products, Lutfi; preferred to buy small but functional products. When the two are combined, we can say that we have created an effective set for spending 10.000 TL.

In addition, you can use the link here to download the mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, which we introduced in the video, and you can benefit from surprise gifts in-game by using the “CILGINTURK” gift code.

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