Spine, PlayStation 4 Emulator for Linux Revealed

Spine emerged as the first successful PlayStation 4 emulator that runs on the Linux platform and offers the opportunity to play games. PS4 Emulator Orbital Now Has Graphics Output In our article, we talked about another PlayStation 4 emulator called Orbital. However, Orbital did not yet have the opportunity to run games successfully.

When Spine was revealed, there were some doubts about its reliability. Because it was presented with closed source code, users thought the tool was exposed for fraudulent purposes. Moreover, the video containing the first information of the emulator by its developer appeared on April 1.

However, according to its developer, the project has been in serious operation since 2018. Its developer explains that the reason why the Spine tool is not open source is not to lose control of the code and to prevent the emergence of other tools that use this code.

Users who try the tool confirm that the emulator actually works. Although the tool can run commercial games that do not require a lot of resources, it is not yet able to output sound. Moreover, cracked copies of PlayStation 4 games or a hacked PlayStation 4 console are needed.

Zecoxao, one of the reliable users in the PS3/PS4 community, also stated that Megaman Legacy and We Are Doomed games are working by using the tool on Twitter. Time will tell how the project will continue and how it will compete with Orbital.

Download and Run Spine PS4 Emulator

Using the developer’s GitHub page You can download the tool. You can try the tool using Linux distributions or virtualization tools like VMware Fusion. It is stated that the VirtualBox tool is not supported. Vehicle OpenGL 3.3+ has the need. The default version is bundled using Flatpak. For this, you need to use the following command after downloading and opening the tool:

flatpak –user install flatpak/spinedemo.flatpak

Alternatively, a version built on Fedora 29, located in the static folder, is also available. This version only has OpenGL and SDL2 requirement. The developer, who stated that the version packaged with Flatpak had problems with Nvidia drivers, therefore offers an alternative version.

Mega Man Legacy Collection and We Are Doomed are listed as supported games. Dump your game on PS4 (at /mnt/sandbox/CUSAXXXX/app0) and copy it to your Linux home directory. Run the following command to run the Flatpak version:

flatpak run –filesystem={dump directory}:ro org.devofspine.SpineDemo {directory containing eboot.bin}

To run the alternate version, run the following command:

spinedemo {directory with eboot.bin file}

The controls of the emulator are listed as follows:

  • ESC – Exit
  • Up Arrow – Up Arrow Button
  • Down Arrow – Down Arrow Button
  • Left Arrow – Left Direction Button
  • Right Arrow – Right Direction Button
  • W – Triangle
  • S – Cross
  • A – Square
  • D – Circle
  • I – Left Stick Up
  • K – Left Stick Down
  • J – Left Stick Left
  • L – Left Stick Right
  • Keypad 5 – Right Stick Up
  • Keypad 2 – Right Stick down
  • Keypad 1 – Right Stick left
  • Keypad 3 – Right Stick right
  • 1 – L1
  • 2 – R1
  • 3 – L2
  • 4 – R2
  • 5 – L3
  • 6 – R3
  • 9 – Pressing the Touchpad
  • 0 – Options

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