Start your meditation journey with Innerjoy

Personalized meditation application Innerjoy, which received investment from Teknasyon in 2021 and started its global expansion, continues to develop and grow globally. With its recently updated version, it brings a new breath to the personalized meditation application.

Highlight: Free Meditation Tickets

Aiming to make meditation easy to practice and accessible to everyone all over the world, Innerjoy allows all users to experience it by removing the limits in the locked areas of the application with the Meditation Tickets included in the application. By performing various tasks within the application, users can discover the contents of the application as much as the number of these Meditation Tickets they earn, and make meditation a practice habit.

Start Your “Guide” Journey with Your Travel Friend InnerJoy!

Innerjoy offers a special experience for users to get rid of difficulties such as stress, lack of attention, inability to focus and insomnia. In addition to containing more than 800 content, it also implements a “Guide” system that it has developed independently of these contents. With the “Thank You Guide to Life”, “Quality Sleep Guide” and “Effective Morning Routine”, it offers activities that allow users to meditate for 30 days to 21 days in a row and realize the effects of meditation in their normal lives. With this Guide System, users will both gain meditation experience by practicing and discover the light of awareness that comes with meditation in their lives.

Users can access the content of the guide by clicking on the images on the main page and register. Registered users complete that day by doing a meditation and mini-quest every day. Since they will only complete the day they entered, the other days will be locked and the next day will be unlocked. Throughout this Guide, Innerjoy aims to have users practice meditation every day and increase the inner peace and awareness that comes with meditation.

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