Steam Deck Designer Warns: “M.2 SSD Modification is Risky”

We recently looked at an SSD mod on Steam Deck. Thanks to the modification, the SSD slot in the 2230 standard was upgraded to the 2242 standard in order to install a larger drive. The console’s designer, Lawrence Yang, issued a warning after reports of larger 2242 drives being installed on the Steam Deck instead of the 2230: Modifying the Steam Deck drive can cause overheating issues and shorten the life of the Steam Deck.

Internal components around the M.2 slot are very sensitive to additional power requirements and thermal pad changes, according to the employee. In this context, the power circuits can get very hot when you move the thermal pads. It’s also said that larger M.2 drives draw more power than traditionally 2230 models. Steam Deck was not designed for high-power SSDs, according to Valve.

A minor play is required on the thermal pads during the exchange to install M.2 2242 size drives. However, it was noted that the heat spreader was slightly bent. The modder, Belly Jelly, stated that the driver did not touch the motherboard or put extra strain on the cables.

Long story short, such changes to the console are never approved. As you know, the company has placed an SD card slot in the Deck to upgrade the storage. SD cards are technically slower, but in various tests, the memory card solution is said to be sufficient for games.

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