Steam Ends Support for Ubuntu Linux

Steamby UbuntuA decision has been made that will upset the players who prefer it. Steam Ubuntu Linuxsupport of the operating system 19.10 version will end with. This 32-bit x86 components of the versionThe fact that it will end the process is shown as the reason behind the decision.

The Steam team also underlines that they want to minimize the disconnect with existing users. On the other hand, it is also in the plans to focus on another Linux distribution in the near future. valve It makes such a move in case there are no compatibility problems and Steam or some games may not work properly. The fact that Ubuntu will terminate 32-bit x86 components threatens other gaming platforms as well. GOGand one of them.

For now, there isn’t much time until Canonical releases version 19.10 in August. In this sense, it is certain that Ubuntu users will have problems playing games, especially games related to Steam.

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