Steering Wheelless Tesla That Elon Musk Says Is ‘Coming To 2 Years’

At the ‘Autonomous Day’ held by Tesla yesterday, presentations were held for investors and the company’s suppliers, and autonomous driving vehicles of the future were introduced.

Tesla’s approach to smart cars and autonomous driving is quite different from its competitors. The company manufactures and sells electric cars that are equipped with the necessary equipment but can be used like a normal car today. The company also aims to realize electronic car sharing.


GM recently introduced the autonomous Bolt EV vehicle and said that the vehicle would not have a steering wheel.

Tesla also introduced its own steering wheelless vehicle. The steering wheel is empty in this vehicle. In these cars, which are intended to be used for robot taxis, changes can be made in the interior design after people get used to steeringless cars.


Many people said that the interior of the Tesla Model 3 was designed to be used without a steering wheel. According to the image that emerged, they were indeed right.


According to Elon Musk, steering wheels will definitely disappear in the future and according to him, this demand will come from customers.

Elon Musk and Tesla state that they will optionally remove the steering wheels from existing vehicles. This leaves us with only one question to ask: If no one will need to drive these cars, why did you put a rear view mirror?

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