Tailored digital transformation guide for business: abas ERP

Research shows that new generation software that focuses on needs in digital transformation brings agility and sustainability to the activities of businesses. Serhan Oralp, Managing Partner of abas Turkey, said, “The new generation ERP software, which covers the stages businesses need in their production chains such as management, supply, storage, sales and service, brings success in digital transformation. “75% of ERP software that does not focus on needs ends in failure,” he said.

According to the research conducted by Statista, it is estimated that the digital transformation expenditures of companies will reach 1.78 trillion dollars in 2022 and approximately 7 trillion dollars between 2020 and 2023. In the research conducted by IDC, it is predicted that businesses that have completed their digital transformation will contribute 53.3 trillion dollars to the global economy by 2023. Stating that the rules of the game are being rewritten in the production industry with new generation software, abas Turkey Managing Partner Serhan Oralp said, “The analysis study conducted by IDC shows that 80% of global companies will turn to special software that meets their needs by 2023. This shows that the components of digital transformation will be determined by the needs of the companies.”

New generation technologies are at the center of digital transformation

Stating that the new generation ERP solutions, which provide the integration of all the stages needed in production into a single source, offer the production industry the biggest transformation opportunity in its history, Serhan Oralp said, “Medium and large-scale companies or companies with a manufacturer and commercial identity may need different functions in transformation. A successful digital transformation requires a new generation ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that provides end-to-end solutions that include only the functions that manufacturing companies need. At the center of the transformation are new generation technologies that respond to needs. 75% of ERP software that does not focus on needs ends in failure.”

Saves businesses from cost surprises

Mentioning that an integrated ERP solution serves as the golden key to revealing the potential of companies, Serhan Oralp said, “With abas ERP, which we bring together the expertise of German technology and new generation technologies, medium-sized enterprises provide the services they need such as management, control, purchasing, sales, service, accounting, production, storage. We offer end-to-end digital solutions that include all functions. We protect businesses from cost surprises with our customizable new generation software that responds to needs. We bring agility and sustainability to the businesses by bringing together the needs of businesses not only today but also in the future, under a single source.”

Increases the efficiency of employees and business processes

Saying that they enable businesses to model, analyze and improve basic business processes such as sales, customer relations and costing with an integrated, individual and innovative perspective, Serhan Oralp said, “With abas ERP, which we developed based on the needs of businesses, we achieve the standards that businesses aim for. Thus, we increase the efficiency of business processes and prepare companies for the future.”

Guiding businesses on their digital transformation journey

Expressing that they have been providing consultancy and technology services to companies of different scales in Turkey since 2005, Serhan Oralp said, “With our experienced team and innovative face, we not only develop technology, but also offer digital transformation consultancy services to businesses. We guide the digital transformation journey of businesses by managing all processes, from creating the necessary infrastructure for businesses that are not ready for ERP, to integration and bringing the system into operation.”

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