Taking Unlimited Live English Lessons!: What is Open English?

Don’t waste your time looking for the best online English course, looking at prices, reviews on forums and dictionaries, because learning a foreign language with Open English is what we’re talking about in this video. both cheaper and easier.

Open English, where you can get UNLIMITED English lessons 24/7, has more than 1 million students. Moreover, teachers are chosen from among native English speaking instructors. Moreover TOEFL, IELTS You can access the course content of thousands of hours at any time, such as preparation for international exams such as TOEIC and TOEIC, one-to-one private lessons. You can get information about the details we explained in the video below:

What are the highlights of Open English?

  • 24/7 online UNLIMITED live lessons
  • Native English speaking instructors
  • One-to-one private lessons
  • Preparation for international exams such as TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC
  • Full support with appointed consultants via WhatsApp
  • Gamified curriculum in accordance with CEFR standards

It is almost impossible to find all the above opportunities in traditional foreign language courses. Even most online course platforms do not have the advantages of accessing unlimited course content. In addition, for internationally valid exams, accessing both lectures and one-to-one courses from the same environment is a unique situation.

What content is included in the Open English online English course?

  • Online live lessons: It is broadcast every 30 minutes for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Small groups of students receive English education through an online video meeting with native-speaking instructors.
  • Units: English subject expression and vocabulary, grammar and the section with course content suitable for the level on topics such as pronunciation. Here you learn new words and grammar rules step by step.
  • Exercises: After learning in the units, you can reinforce what you have learned in the exercises section and measure what you have learned.
  • News: You improve your reading ability with English content customized to certain topics, and you can measure how much you understand these content through the questions asked to you.
  • Idioms: You can improve yourself in speaking by discovering common idioms in English, more fluent and advancedYou are learning to speak English.
  • Interactive videos: You have unlimited access to interactive videos where you can improve your English speaking, writing and reading skills and test what you have learned after the lecture.
  • Business English contents: English terms and concepts required for your industry with content customized according to professional jargon quicklyyou can learn.
  • Dictionary: English word dictionary tool. You can learn the English expansions of English words in this dictionary.
  • Writing tool: You can use the writing tool to see errors in the English text you write. Place the text in the relevant field and we will give you suggestions to improve your text.
  • Grammar Guide: English adjectives, verbs, auxiliary verbs, etc. You can find all the details you wonder about all the information in this section. Just do a search!
  • Translator: Need to translate Turkish texts into English? Or do you need to translate into other languages? No problem, with our translator app in 4 languages(English, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese) You can translate.

Is Open English suitable for all levels?

Open English is suitable for everyone, from those who do not speak English to those with an intermediate level of knowledge. When you subscribe to the platform, first You take a 15-minute placement test . This exam measures your knowledge of English and places you at an appropriate level.

Open English for English course campaigns located hereYou can visit the link.

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