Technology enthusiasts will come together at Advantech Connect’s local event

Trends affecting the IoT market, which is expected to grow by 30% every year, will be discussed at Advantech Connect in September-December.

The IoT market is growing day by day. According to Gartner’s estimations, in the sector that needs to maintain its 30% growth band in the next few years, trends affecting the market are at the top of the agenda. Advantech, one of the leading companies in the industrial IoT field, has now moved to the local area, the event called Advantech Connect, which it started in 2021. Centering the technology trends in the world, the global event started in September with sessions under the title of “IoT Solutions and Predictive Maintenance for Smart Cities”. The Turkey sessions of Advantech Connect, whose global version was watched by nearly 40 thousand participants, were followed by Smart Retail in October, Digital Factories in November, and December.

It will continue with online events based on Artificial Intelligence.

Technology trends are discussed with participants from Turkey Global technology company Advantech; In addition to serving with industrial, embedded, service and cloud IoT solutions, it also brings trends that excite technology enthusiasts to the agenda. Approximately 40 thousand people from all over the world watched the Advantech Connect event, which was held in February-May 2021 with the participation of Advantech senior executives as well as important companies from the technology sector. The event, which offers a rich content with visionary topics and guest speakers, will continue until 23 December, starting on 14 September in Turkey as of 2021.

Contribution to Turkey’s digital transformation

Providing information about digital factories, artificial intelligence, smart retail and online events based on cities, Advantech Turkey Marketing Manager Gökçe Ayhan said that they want to contribute to Turkey’s digital transformation by conveying Advantech’s global vision and experience. Stating that they believe a smart planet is possible as Advantech, Ayhan said, “We know that we can do this if everyone joins hands in their ecosystem.”

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