Tencent Working on League of Legends Mobile

It has been a major shareholder of Riot Games since 2011, and acquired the studio entirely in 2015. Since then, Tencent has requested a mobile MOBA version of League of Legends, although Riot has turned down the offer. Tencent then launched Honor of Kings and Arena of Valor.


According to Reuters’ news, Tencent and Riot have long since left their disagreement on this issue and they have been working on the mobile version of the famous game League of Legends for over a year. It is also stated that the game is not expected to be released in 2019. While Reuters bases its claim on various sources, Tencent does not make a statement on the subject.

After Riot made a living on League of Legends for almost a decade, the studio’s founders announced that they are returning to active game development. Late last year, the firm’s chief champion designer, Adrei Van Roon, said that a new project was under construction. Riot also received royalties for a production called Legends of Runeterra.


It is not currently known what Tencent’s new game will be or when it will be released, but a feverish work continues at Riot studios. Together we will see the work that will emerge at the end.

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