Tens of Thousand-Year-Old Mammoth Discovered in Canada!

Researches that continue without slowing down on Earth allow us to reach new information about the living things that lived on our planet. In an article we shared with you recently, we showed that some fossils, which are stated to be millions of years old, reveal information about the evolution of humans.

Now, a new discovery has been made regarding a species that was once very common in the world. Tr’ondëk Hwëch, a region of the Yukon that is thousands of years old, is located in Canada. to the mammoth remains declared to have been achieved. Researchers in the region stated that the animal has been preserved intact for thousands of years.

Baby mammoth found more than 30,000 years ago


In the statements made by the Yukon administration on Friday, in the gold mine area, a mummified woolly baby mammoth was stated to exist. Stating that the discovery took place earlier this week, officials said the animal has been found in North America so far. most complete and best preserved mammothstated that.

Geologists from the University of Calgary and the Yukon Geological Survey found that the mammoth more than 30,000 years ago He said that he lived and died and froze in the ice age. Grant Zazula, a paleontologist, said that meeting a real woolly mammoth was a dream and he was excited to learn about this animal, adding that mummified remains from the ice age are extremely rare.


When experts die a month it‘big baby animal’ meaning ‘animal Nun cho ga ‘ he named it. In addition, the mammoth, which has not yet fully hardened claws, It is a female 40 centimeters long.was also included in the comments.

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