Tesla to Restrict Use of Supercharger

Many Tesla users try to fully charge their cars at supercharging stations and thus spend a lot of time. The supercharger does its best until the vehicle’s battery reaches 80%, but then things don’t go as planned.

According to a report published by Electrek, the news site that makes news about electric transportation vehicles and Tesla, Tesla limited the usage capacity to 80% in order to reduce the density and waits at the supercharger stations. While it won’t have a huge impact in the sparsely populated areas of the Americas, major changes are thought to be seen in populated areas such as Southern California or the Bay Area.


But what if you took a long trip in your Tesla and you need more than 80% energy? You don’t need to worry. If you are on a journey, charging stations will allow you to charge the required amount, but if your last stop is a supercharger, the 80% limit applies.

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