Thanos Surprise Shown by Google in Search Results

Marvel Cinematic Universe is closing an era with Avengers: Endgame, which was released in our country on April 25. Constructing a surprise egg for the movie, which is likely to be the movie event of the year and is certain to upset the box office records, Google reflects the devastating effect of Mad Titan on the search results.


When you search for Thanos on Google, you display search results normally. In the small information box on the upper right side of the screen, the character’s famous gauntlet called Infinity Gauntlet stands. This glove image has great power.

When you click on the image, half of the search results are randomly deleted. Finding about 90 million results, Google reduces this number to 45 million after clicking on the glove.


Using the glove in the Avengers: Infinity War movie, which was released in 2018, Thanos destroyed half of the living things in the universe. And we can destroy half of the search results by using the glove. When the glove is clicked again, the lost results are returned.

There were other surprise eggs that Google hid in search results. When you type askew, anagram or do a barrel roll into the search engine, you may encounter interesting results.

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