The 10 Best City Builders on the Market

City building games are among the games enjoyed by all age groups from past to present. Unlike action games, it is possible to relax while playing these games where you can relax and get away from the stress of daily life. In this content, we have brought together 10 of the most popular city building games for you.

10. Banished:


Banished is a game where you can create a new city from scratch by collecting resources with a group of travelers. You need to distribute the hunting and gathering professions equally among your people and establish a good order. Seasons, living conditions, etc. factors can affect the health and anger of your people. Therefore, you need to follow a strategic playing style.

9. The Colonists:


If you like cute and relaxing game experiences, The Colonist will be a great city building game for you. In the game, you control a group of cute robots who have escaped from the world and are looking for a new planet. The only purpose of the robots you control is to be human. You have to develop your city by building roads, infrastructures, farms, transportation systems. Since there is not much threat in the game, it can easily enter the categories of mind-blowing games.

8. Factory Town:


Although Factory Town is in early access, it is a game that contains a lot of details. With convoy systems, you can collect resources, turn your resources into money, and unlock new technologies as you develop.

7. Pocket City:

Platforms:Android, iOS

Pocket City, a very sweet game where you can feel that you are playing a city building game with your fingers, does not push you to make any purchases in the game. In this city building game with 2 game modes, you can either develop and buy new buildings and build a big city by following the missions, or you can build your dream city and watch it develop in the sandbox mode where all the buildings are open. It’s entirely up to you.

6. Aven Colony:

Platforms:PC, PS4, Xbox One

Home is where we create it; but in this game things are a little different. In Aven Colony, where we have established a colony on an alien planet, you have to adapt to the challenges of the world you live in and grow your city. Oxygen deficiency, electrical storms, toxic gas leaks are just a few of them. There is a lot to discover in the game.

5. Tropico 6:

Platforms:PC, (Soon Xbox One and PS4)

In Tropico 6, the 6th game of the Tropico series, where you manage your own island paradise in a realistic way, you control the island you are selected as the manager with more advanced graphics and better mechanics than the previous games. You can be a bad dictator or a great ruler and win the love of your people. The choices and their consequences are entirely up to you.

4. Surviving Mars:

Platforms:PC, Xbox One, PS4

Surviving Mars, which is a colony game where we are far away from our home Earth, is one of the best on our list in terms of game mechanics and graphics quality. You can build your own city systems on the cute red planet Mars and spread your colony all over the planet.

3. Anno 1800


Anno 1800, the last game of the Anno series, released on April 16, has been highly appreciated by the players since its release. In the game, which takes place at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, you have to develop in every way in terms of strategic, technological and welfare. In the same way, as in Tropico, you can advance in the line you want and provide management.

2. Frostpunk:

Platforms:PC, Xbox One, PS4

Frostpunk, where you manage the last city in the world, is a game that will push the limits of your strategic planning abilities. You have to face plenty of profits and difficulties, while managing your people by setting various rules.

1. Cities: Skylines:

Platforms:PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Cities: Skylines, which is at the top of our list, provides you with unlimited opportunities in economy, city, infrastructure and road management. Offering a wide variety of content on transportation, production, settlement and many more, Cities: Skylines also surpasses all the games on our list with mod support and various DLCs.

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