The 10 Most Disturbing ‘Fatality’ From The Mortal Kombat Series

When it comes to Mortal Kombat, many of us think of the arcade version we played in our childhood.

All people who have reached the middle age level today have either heard, watched or played this game on at least one platform. Here are the game’s 10 most disturbing “fatality” scenes!

Bang, Bang!

We all love Joker, right? Bang Bang! The movement was inspired by the Joker. In this technique, which belongs to the character named Shang Tsung, which is created similar to the Joker, you first frighten your opponent with a gun, and then you finish him off.

Arcade Machine Drop

In this fatality developed for our Asian character Liu Kang, your defeated opponent falls on his head from machines that we can often see in arcades.

Head Inflate

In this technique, which is unique to the Cabal character, you inflate his head with the help of a hose that you extend to your opponent whose life you reset. Your opponent, which inflates like a balloon, first rises and then its pieces fall to the ground.

Head Clap

In this technique, which belongs to our giant character Jax with metal hands, you hand your opponent’s head to Jax’s strong hands.

Telekinetic Crush

In this technique, which belongs to Kenshi who has special abilities, you manage your opponent with Kenshi’s telekinesis method and make him die painfully.


A death technique that you can make your opponent live in their last moments if you use the character of Shang Tsung. When using this method, be sure that the sound will not come out of your opponent’s ears for a long time.

Unfriendly Rabbit

How scary can a cute rabbit be? With Kung Lao’s bunny, you can show your opponent that bunnies aren’t all that cute.

Fire Fart

Show your opponent the power of your gas with Bo Rai Cho’s special technique. Do not forget to cover your nose.

Neck Stretch

Quan Chi’s technique, on the other hand, is an interesting technique that does not involve blood. This technique allows you to eliminate your opponent without breaking their neck. How Does?

Foot Stomp

We mentioned that Jax is a giant. Again, this technique, which belongs to Jax, causes your opponent to be crushed like an insect.

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