The 3 Most Useless Features in Cars (+Bonus)

The automotive industry continues to develop by putting it on for years. This development brings with it differences. Radios were replaced by electronic displays, while the heirloom handbrake was replaced by an electronic button. Almost all of these new features are very useful and promise a high level of security, comfort and connectivity.

However, there are some very unnecessary ones among them.

Shift paddles:

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Shift paddles can be quite functional in sports cars. It allows drivers to shift gears without taking their hands off the steering wheel. They might work if you’re driving a McLaren 720S or Ferrari 488, but they can be really useless when you’re driving an SUV or sedan.

Third row seats:

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Several brands have added a third-row seat to their models to stand out from the competition. As with the second generation Volkswagen Tiguan, these third row seats are pretty useless. They are so small that only a small child can fit in. Even then, you need to move the 2nd row forward a little.


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HUDs are getting more and more popular. We see them from Audi’s luxury vehicles to Hyundai’s entry-level vehicles. HUD systems may look nice, but they can be useless because they have a more complicated structure compared to digital displays.

Gesture control system (Bonus):

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Gesture control system thinking is really creative, answering a call with a swipe of your arm or raising the volume with a swipe of your finger sounds good. However, this is an unnecessary feature because there is a button for each of the commands you can give by gesture.

Digital gear (Bonus):

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Automakers around the world have begun integrating electronic gearboxes into new models. However, this feature is quite unnecessary in our opinion and does not really give the feeling of driving a car.

The reason we give the last two items as a bonus is that they are not used very widely. You can also talk about the features you find unnecessary in today’s cars in the comments 🙂

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