The 5 Weirdest Wearables Identified at MWC 2018!

At MWC 2018, we have even more command of the flagships of Nokia and Samsung, the extremely ambitious devices that are iPhone X clones, and the innovations of companies that go deep into 5G technology. But hundreds of booths from dozens of tech companies built deep inside the giant halls of Barcelona were brimming with a variety of apps, software, robots, smart home devices, and weird wearables.

Although worn devices represent an important technological field due to their starting points, some of them became MWC’s strangest products, as they do every year. We have compiled for you the strangest wearable technologies that will appear this year, welcome to our article, which looks through the eyes of companies striving to be stars, not the eyes of the stars.

1. Weight loss headphones: Modius

487300 modius

Modius sends electrical signals to the hypothalamus area of ​​your brain to help you lose weight. There are 10 different intensity levels that can be adjusted depending on the thickness of your skull. For about three months, 30 to 45-minute sessions, 5 times a week, will melt your excess weight, the company says.

2. The app that checks sperm count with a smartphone: O’View

487303 sperm and ovulation tests

Korean wearable technologies manufacturer, Jongro Medical, to help you test your sperm count with the comfort of a smartphone. wants. The company’s mobile app, called O’View, costs around $18. However, when you pay this amount, you can only use it once. The US drug council is working with a device that has been approved by the FDA.

3. Both headphones and watches: Bezel Platform

487302 voixatch bezel platform

Voixatch is a company that develops smart devices that can turn into headphones. The company’s product called Bezel Platform is actually a smart watch. However, when you need headphones, you can take the ring on the frame and put them in your ear. Thus, you make your phone calls.

4. Perfect for putting pressure on athletes: Soccer Wearable

487298 tracktics soccer wearable

This product of the German-Swiss-based Tracktics company, which is actively working in Frankfurt and Zurich, is a product of the athletes on the field. It is produced to analyze active performances down to the last detail. Lightweight devices can be purchased individually or in bulk for team members. Many football teams, especially Real Madrid, are already using similar devices.

5. Augmented reality glasses that turn the wearer into Robocop: Vuzix Blade

487301 vuzix blade

Vuzix was actually a company that developed AR technologies for companies operating in the industrial field. With the Blade model, it entered consumer electronics. These glasses work in integration with social media applications and are used as sunglasses. It also works integrated with Amazon’s voice artificial intelligence Alexa.

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