The alternative will turn SMEs into Fintech without the cost of technology!

Technology and innovation company Magellan brought together the digital wallets and campaigns of enterprises in a single application with Alternatif. Magellan CEO Göktürk Yetim, who stated that they transformed businesses into fintech without the cost of technology, said, “With Alternative; We save consumers from using dozens of digital wallet applications and businesses from developing digital wallets.”

Contactless technologies have also digitized money. Digital wallets, which were mostly used as an online payment tool until 2 years ago, started to replace credit cards and cash payments with the pandemic. According to Statista’s data, it is estimated that the use of digital wallets in the world will increase from 21.5% to 33.4% by 2024, while cash usage will decrease from 20.5% to 12.7%. Stating that the habit of using digital wallets has become widespread with the tendency to make contactless transactions during the pandemic period, Magellan CEO Göktürk Yetim said, “The conveniences such as trust, accessibility and speed offered by digital wallets have been accepted by consumers and businesses. We bring together the digital wallets and campaigns of different businesses in a single application with Alternative SuperApp, which we developed within the body of Magellan, a technology and innovation company that focuses on digital solutions tailored to the needs of both parties.

Businesses will gain efficiency by using customer data

Göktürk Yetim, who stated that they presented the Alternative, which they developed in the field of fintech (financial technology), to the Turkish market, evaluated the advantages of the application for businesses and consumers: will have a CRM system that can increase productivity by using Businesses; will have this technological infrastructure, which includes many features such as digital wallet, loyalty program, digital gift card, corporate wallet and QR menu, without any cost. Consumers, on the other hand, will be able to create a business-specific wallet, benefit from the campaigns in the application and the ease of payment with a QR code.”

Every business is turning into a fintech

Göktürk Yetim, stating that they have simplified the payment experience with the mobile payment infrastructure owned by Alternatif, said, “We produce technological solutions in basic areas that consumers and businesses may need in daily life. We digitize paper with Archimedes Digital Archive, middleman with Cloud Fleet Management, signature with Lagina Biometric Signature, and finally money with Alternatif. With Alternative, we transform almost every business into a fintech. We aim to replace the cash and card used in shopping with the digital wallets of the businesses.”

We improve processes with special campaign and wallet infrastructure for corporates

Göktürk Yetim, stating that Alternatif has added many values ​​for corporate companies, said, “We will enable member businesses to cooperate with companies with corporate wallet and corporate discount features. With the corporate wallet, we will eliminate the operational processes such as receipts and invoices of the expenditures made by the personnel on behalf of the institution they work for, while we will enable the company employees to benefit from the corporate discounts easily with the corporate discount.

We will add trust-based value to businesses and consumers

Magellan, chosen as Turkey’s 11th fastest growing company in 2020, continues its activities with approximately 160 employees in 6 offices in the USA, Canada and Qatar as well as Turkey. Developed within Magellan, Alternatif is used by nearly 30 businesses, including local and international businesses. Magellan CPO Zeynel Enes Mirza said, “We have brought together the digital wallets of many businesses such as markets, stationery, health institutions, cafes and restaurants in a single application. Consumers can view the wallets of businesses and follow the campaigns through the application. Businesses, on the other hand, have opportunities such as getting early payments and creating customer loyalty. With the advantages we offer, we will add a trust-oriented value to both businesses and consumers.”

By the end of the year, it will reach 100 brands from 10 sectors.

Zeynel Enes Mirza, who said that businesses and consumers can make their payments securely with QR code and share their wallets quickly, made the following assessment regarding the goals of Alternatif: “We continue to improve our application. We will soon add new features for consumers and businesses such as Scan & Go and fast ordering to our application. Our aim is to touch most of the sectors where users spend in daily life. By the end of the year, we aim to acquire nearly 100 brands from 10 sectors. By incorporating new brands into our app, we will make Alternative SuperApp a payment marketplace for businesses.”

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