The App that Brings Dark Mode to Chrome: DarkChrome

Dark mode has become a desired feature in almost every mobile application, especially with the spread of smartphones with OLED screens. However, since mobile applications have a very complex interface, it takes a long time for popular applications to switch to dark mode.


Chrome, the world’s most popular mobile web browser, does not have an official dark mode. Still, it’s now possible for iPhone owners to use Chrome in dark mode. Developer Nathan Whitaker has released Chrome dark mode software called DarkChrome for jailbroken iPhones. Moreover, DarkChrome offers everything you would expect from an original Chrome dark mode.


One of the best features of DarkChrome is that it allows users to customize the dark mode. There are options that make the interface completely dark called True Darkness, as well as options that offer different dark modes called Plain Darkness and Darkness. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, DarkChrome might be just the app you’re looking for.

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