The Best Leader of Game of Thrones According to US Professor

Leadership ability is very different from power. Since Game of Thrones is a fictional work, based on fictional/surrealistic works, Hulk or Thor do not manage the Avengers team, the brain of the Justice League is Batman. .

In Game of Thrones, we have witnessed a struggle for the throne for more than ten years. Throughout the series, we have seen many different characters leading people. Bruce Cowen, who teaches the “Leadership Through Fiction” course in the Master of Business Administration program at Columbia Business School and is also the author of the book “Win or Die: Leadership Secrets from Game of Thrones”, has watched each episode of the series three times. The researcher, who studied politics and literature and had an MFA (Master of fine arts) in authorship, deals with leadership on a scientific basis.


According to Cowen, the most important characteristic of leaders lies in their emotional intelligence. The leader should understand the feelings of himself and those around him, and should not isolate these characteristics but embrace them when making decisions.

According to Cowen, there are four different components of emotional intelligence. These are listed as follows:

Self-awareness:The ability to understand one’s own feelings and how their feelings affect those around them.

Self-management:The ability to remain calm and in control of one’s behavior when faced with chaos.

Social-awareness:The ability to communicate effectively with others and resolve disagreements diplomatically.

Relationship-management:The ability to help others reach their highest potential, the ability to give constructive feedback, and the ability to show genuine empathy.


On the other hand, according to the researcher, neither Jon nor Daenerys is the best manager in the series. The best lead in the series is Sansa Stark. The character, who was successful in being able to face difficulties and coping with his problems every time and being able to solve them, and constantly improving himself, still managed to protect his family, keep it together and bring some order to Winterfell.

What are you thinking? Who do you think is the best leader in Game of Thrones? My vote is for Nymeria, who was able to herd herself and raise the fart in the wild.

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