The best of software solutions that digitize sales, service and logistics processes have been announced!

The changing consumer behavior in recent years has also been reflected in the digital transformation strategies of businesses. In the 2022 Retail Sales Execution report prepared by the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI), it was stated that 37% of the enterprises turned to solutions that focused directly on the consumer in sales, service and logistics, and 64% were not able to use the language of data and insights, which are the new instruments of digital technology, yet. The report also included the strengths of the solutions that enable businesses to reach their future goals by digitizing their sales, service and logistics processes.

Consumer habits, which have undergone a rapid change recently, have brought solutions targeting consumers directly to the agenda of companies. According to the 2022 Retail Sales Execution report prepared by the independent research and consulting organization Promotion Optimization Institute (POI), 37% of businesses have included direct-consumer-focused solutions in their sales, service and logistics activities. On the other hand, it has been observed that 64% of retailers have not yet sufficiently used the data and insights that form the framework of their digital marketing strategies. Technology companies, which make the communication between field workers and the headquarters uninterrupted, help companies reach their future goals with sales coaching, gamification and telesales solutions.

Stating that in the POI Retail Sales Execution report, which is one of the most important references for the global retail industry, the retail sales solutions of the world’s leading 15 technology companies were evaluated in 15 categories this year, Univera Business Unit Manager Ömür Yesügay said, “With our 30 years of experience in digitizing sales, service and logistics business processes. As a company that develops corporate technology solutions, we took our place in the report for the 6th time. In the report, in which the best in the field are determined; Our Panorama (P8) platform, which offers digital transformation solutions in sales, service and logistics, stood out with its strengths. Thus, our success in telesales, sales coaching and gamification has been confirmed.”

It was featured in the report for the sixth time with its strengths.

Stating that the P8 platform, developed for sales, service and logistics business processes and made available in the 8th version, consists of 6 solutions and over 30 sub-modules, Ömür Yesügay said, “With our P8 platform, we have been standing out with our strengths in different categories for 6 years without interruption in the Retail Sales Execution report. Our platform, which offers solutions for the areas that companies deem lacking or want to specialize in, covers all stages of sales and marketing activities. At a time when uninterrupted communication between field workers, distributors and the head office is gaining more importance, P8’s powerful user experience, flexible search and live chat applications that optimize field processes, and functional design were included as strengths in this year’s report. The functions of directing employees with uninterrupted notifications in the information flow and ensuring the continuity of the workflow were also emphasized in the report. We continue to support the solutions we develop with our R&D studies, with our expertise in distributor and field team management.”

Helps companies reach sales targets

Pointing out that the P8 platform is equipped with the latest technology and helps companies reach their sales targets with its strong infrastructure, speed and ease of communication, Univera Business Unit Manager Ömür Yesügay said, “We bring speed and convenience to field operations with our SalesCoach solution, which we developed within the scope of EnRoute, which provides multi-channel sales management for companies that carry out their sales processes through different channels. . Working on the P8 platform, EnRoute provides companies with end-to-end control over their sales networks with its dealer relations, merchandising, sales data consolidation, e-commerce, vehicle sales, order picking and tele-sales capabilities. The head office can stay in touch with the field, and the field teams can stay in touch with the head office at any time. With these integrated management capabilities, EnRoute enables uninterrupted remote management of multi-channel sales. On the other hand, with PayMo, we enable companies to manage their mobile payment process without the need for any hardware investment. We bring cost and time savings to companies with PayMo’s collection feature. With our Quest solution, which enables data collection from the field and mobile team management, we improve the sales capabilities of companies and facilitate their workflow. While digitalization continues to increase its impact independently of the industry, we, as Univera, have been working for 30 years to develop solutions that will give our customers a competitive advantage.”

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