The Boys Explained by Hideo Kojima!

One of the leading producers of the video game world Hideo Kojima made a new statement that will excite the players. According to the statement, Kojima will be released on the Amazon Prime Video original series. The Boys themed He was working on a game. Let’s take a closer look at both this Amazon Prime Video series and the explanations about the new game.

The Boys, which was first published in 2019, is titled The Boys, written by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. adapted from the comic a series. The Boys, which is now on the agenda with its third season, tells the adventures of a team called “The Boys” who try to stand up against a group of superheroes who abuse their power. According to Kojima, The Boys in the futureIt can appear as a game.

Hideo Kojima left the series after the third episode


Hideo Kojima shared on Twitter that he watched the first three episodes of the series, you stopped watching says. This was because he wanted to avoid making the game he was working on a copy of The Boys. Moreover, Kojima states that The Boys and his own game have a similar concept, but there are differences. According to Kojima, in Death Stranding Mads Mikkelsenwill take the lead role in this game.

Hideo Kojima on whether The Boys-themed game project is ongoing didn’t say anything clear . The statements made consist of saying that such a project is being considered and even a work has been started. However, it is not clear whether the project continues or not. To be done in the future possible descriptions, will give more details about Kojima’s plans.

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