The Chinese Explode Huawei Phone Sales

The trade war between the USA and China is exacerbating the struggle to become the largest economy between the two countries, while destabilizing money markets, disrupting supply chains and making life difficult for everyone else. Two technology companies, Apple and Huawei, are among those who hurt the most in the tension between the two countries.

After the US sanctions on Huawei, the target of the Chinese media is Apple and iPhone. Chinese media claims that Huawei sales increased by 130% as the Chinese gave up on Apple devices. “It has become embarrassing to take an iPhone out of your pocket these days,” a former Apple user told the South China Morning Post. Then, according to the figures of the Chinese e-commerce site Tmall, Huawei sales increased by 130%.


On the other hand, it is open to debate whether the sanctions imposed on Apple really have such a high impact. According to Counterpoint data, the iPhone’s share in the Chinese market fell from 9.1 last year to 7.1 this year. According to the news of SCMP, while Chinese consumers used to stay away from only US products, now they embrace Huawei with nationalistic feelings.

The news also included the opinions of various consumers. Stating that he has been using the iPhone for 10 years, the solar module manufacturing company manager Wang Zhixin says that when he changed his iPhone 7, this time he bought a Huawei P30. Zhixin said, “In the climate of the trade war, my heart said I needed to support local brands. I listened to my heart,” he said.

Another user, Sam Li, stated that he has been using an iPhone for many years and said, “It has become embarrassing to take an iPhone out of your pocket these days. Especially when all the executives of the company started to use Huawei,” he said.


One of the most talked about topics in China’s social media Weibo was the US sanctions on Huawei. The terms ‘Support Huawei’ and ‘Hang on Huawei’ were generally used on the site.

While it was announced that Huawei sales increased by 130 percent on the Chinese e-commerce site Tmall, the number of Huawei followers on the site, which offers the chance to follow brands, has reached 10 million.

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