The Device That Municipalities Send Us SMS: Femtocell

People who travel between cities often know this feeling better. You have come to the half of the journey and while your eyes are wandering on this long journey, you are suddenly startled by an SMS. The municipality you enter within the provincial borders greets you with a “welcome” message along with various eulogies. the rest of the journey, How did the municipality know that I entered the city?‘ you start thinking.

Today, together with you, the municipalities frequently used location-based SMS,we will talk about how it is communicated to users.

Location-based SMS has more than one reason



You do not need to switch from one city to another to receive location-based SMS. Sometimes even when crossing towns “Welcome” SMS can be sent to our phones from district municipalities. Most municipalities have to be able to send these SMS to their citizens. femtocellbenefit from technology.

Municipalities that do not use femtocell technology as a result of agreements with operators can send SMS to users. Our phone numbers that we share to connect to public Wi-Fi networks in places such as shopping malls, airports or parks can also be used for similar purposes.

Small in size, big in function Femtocell’s ingenuity


The most appropriate definitions in our language of Femtocell, which was invented by Motorola in 2002 and whose use has increased especially after 2004, are ” mini base station” or “home base station”.

As the name suggests, Femtocell is the size of a modem; base stations are not available, or in areas where the signal is insufficient, They are mini base stations that serve at a very low cost. Municipalities can also install Femtocells at various points and send SMS to phones connected to Femtocell at that moment.

Generally suitable for home use due to its range



Femtocells average range of 10 meters as much. Because of their short range, they are generally used for certain areas that are out of range between two base stations. Apart from the use of municipalities, it is also suitable for home and office users.

It is possible to compare Femtocell to signal boosters used in Wi-Fis.


  • Nokia’s 4G and 5G supported models

Just as we use a signal booster when using a modem in our home, when Wi-Fi signals cannot reach every room; We can talk about the same function for femtocells. Many businesses using large and tall buildings , in areas with poor phone signaluses Femtocell so that both its customers and employees do not experience problems.

Data privacy versus Femtocell


Using Femtocell at home, in the office or as an institution to send SMS to people, does not change your responsibility to the law . When using Femtocell, you must sign a contract stating that you will not listen or follow up, just like in base stations. If you do not comply with this contract, it is inevitable that you will have a serious headache. For this reason, the risks you take while using Femtocell are exactly equal to the risks in the base stations we use in our daily life.

If you want to get rid of spam messages from municipalities…


  • Complaints of 2 citizens who were overwhelmed by the SMSs sent by the municipality one after the other

For SMS’s from municipalities that you are constantly disturbing, you can reach the municipality that sent the message by phone and submit your complaint, or you can check your unwanted SMS and call settings via e-government. You can take a look at our previously prepared content to access unwanted SMS and call settings via e-government.

Well, have you ever unwanted messages from municipalitiesdid you receive

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