The ‘Easter Egg’ Nobody Could Find in Spider-Man Game

Spider-Man is a fun-filled game that makes players smile with hundreds of easter eggs. Some of these easter eggs are about Marvel characters like Daredevil and Iron Fist, while others are about comic book characters that you wouldn’t immediately think of. You might think that after a year and a half, Insomniac’s fun-filled game, exclusive to PlayStation 4, is not left without a stone unturned. However, this is not the case.

Insomniac’s senior game engine programmer, Elan Ruskin, shared on Twitter an ‘easter egg’ that players have yet to find.

“I guess it’s time to explain an Easter egg that no one has noticed until now: These guys don’t work on Saturdays!”

In the game, Orthodox Jews do not go to work on Saturdays, just as they normally do not work on the Sabbath, that is, Saturday, and follow the rules of Kashrut.

Ruskin confirmed that this feature is linked to real-life Saturday. So, Spider-Man controls the clock on your PS4.

Saturday in real life. The game checks the clock on your PS4.

Hundreds of sweet little details found in the game this is one of them. What happened to your favorite ‘easter egg’ in your game?

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