The Incredible Change of the Human Face in History

Although people’s faces change from person to person, their general characteristics do not change. The only thing that changes this characteristic is evolution over time. These evolutions happen so slowly that we don’t even understand how.

Humanity’s facial characteristics have changed considerably over the past six million years. The hair that surrounds our body has turned into the hair we see when we look in the mirror today. From the earliest hominins to today’s Homo sapiens, we have experienced changes and created climates wherever we live throughout history. We have not neglected to change ourselves. This evolution and transformation process has also been the subject of a study.


Anatomist Paul O’Higgins from York University says that nerves, diet, weather conditions and many different variables are effective in the change of human face.

With the emergence of the forehead region, people’s eyebrows began to evolve over time. The nose shapes of people who lost their facial hair gradually changed. Our faces got smaller and thinner.

People who later developed nerves and started to use facial expressions and improved verbal communication owe this breakthrough to the shrinking of their faces. At least, that’s the case, according to Rodrigo Lacruz, one of the study’s authors. The researchers say that the way we communicate may also have played a role in making the human face what it is today.


In the last 2 million years of our 6-million-year history, the changes in our faces have accelerated as we have started to make and use tools.

There is a limit to how much the human face will change, ultimately we will always need large nasal passages to breathe. However, climate change and the changes to be experienced in the world will continue to change the characteristics of the human face.

The research is published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution. The researchers also released a video of the human face change. You can find the video below.

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