The Infinity Glove Meat Beater is now on sale

Thanos’ infinity gauntlet managed to impress everyone with its incredible power to destroy half of life in the universe. Developed by Firebox, this ‘man-made’ infinity glove helps to create great things in the kitchen.


The tool you see below is called the Infinity Glove Meat Beater. With this meat beater, you don’t end half of the life in the kitchen by snapping your finger once, but you can make your meats taste like Turkish delight, if you like.

Firebox has set a price tag of £ 19.99, or approximately TL 160, for the Infinity Glove Meat Beater. It may seem expensive for a standard stainless steel meat grinder, but keep in mind that this is a concept product.


Plus it comes with the Infinity Glove Meat Beater, Endless Chops, Pepper Potts Chicken Pie, Hawkeye Steak, Endgame Pie, and Stark Tart recipes. Who wouldn’t want such a super powerful dish?

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