The joy of Ramadan in Paramanya started with the update!

Paramanya, one of Turkey’s most popular strategy games, welcomed the month of Ramadan early.

Paramanya welcomes the month of Ramadan with its new update and offers its players beautiful events. A special event has been prepared for players who have just started the game and want to get a new character card during Ramadan. Accordingly, during the period from April 7 to May 7, when players collect cards with the theme of ‘Ramadan Event Card’ by purchasing card packs from the store, they will be able to exchange them for one of the S+ Immortal Claudia or S+ Crocus cards. For cards obtained during the event period, 300 diamonds can also be earned.

Ramadan Special Entry Event

With the Ramadan special update of Paramanya, players will be able to earn Diamonds by logging into the game during the month of Ramadan. With the Ramadan Special Login Event, players will earn 50 Diamonds when they log into the game every day during Ramadan, and 100 Diamonds when they log into the game on Eid days.

Ramadan Blessings are reflected in the awards

All players who finish the game with Ranked Victory, Color Victory and Tourist Victory between April 7 and April 14 will receive 5 Premium Character Card Packs, and players will be able to earn rewards again until April 21 when the event is active again on April 14.

In addition to the victories and the rewards for winning the game, the number of Game/Play Events will increase and the rewards will increase. The rewards of this event, which ranges from 3 times to 10 games a day, are as follows;

3 Game/Play: 3-Pack of Premium Cards
5 Games/Play: 5 Diamonds
10 Games/Play: Legendary Cube

In addition, 50 Diamonds events will be active, which will be earned by playing a game once on certain days and times.

Players who want to enjoy the hidden Gold Event on the map will also wait for the Hidden Gold Event every Wednesday from 7 April to 7 May at 22:30 – 00:30. The Gold-Diamond Event will also be unlocked with this update. The Gold-Diamond Event will only be available to players on the map on April 17-18-24-25 and May 1-2 at 22:30 – 00:30.

Paramanya also reflects the blessings of Ramadan to the Shop. During Ramadan, players will receive an S+ Popular Character Card and lots of Diamonds bonuses when they purchase from the Diamond Shop.

Space Travel, which started in March and is one of the most favorite activities of the players, still continues.

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