The Man Who Made $1 Million With The Numbers He Saw 13 Years Ago

You never know when luck will smile on your face. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe 13 years from now… An unnamed Australian man dreamed of winning numbers 13 years ago. A short time ago, the man who came to his mind ‘how did this dream come true’ played the lottery with the winning numbers he had seen in his dream that day.

The man, who has a delayed luck bird, won a prize of 1 million dollars thanks to the coupon he played. Making a statement on the subject, the man said, “I checked my ticket and followed the news. I knew that one day I would see all of those numbers, I never gave up on them.” he said.

It is stated that the man, who claims to have seen the winning numbers in his dreams 13 years ago, has previously won bonuses from various games of chance, adding, “They were definitely my lucky numbers, I continued to play with those numbers.” he said. Be you, try not to forget your dreams.

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