The Name Considered For The Jon Snow Series Has Been Announced

HBO production, one of the most popular TV series in history game of Thrones He said goodbye to his fans with the final he made in the past years. However, it was stated that after this, series that will take place in the universe of the production, which is adapted from the popular works of George RR Martin, will be released.

One of them was House of Dragon, which will set 200 years before Game of Thrones. It was stated that this production, inspired by Martin’s novel ‘Fire and Blood’, will meet with those waiting on August 21 and tell the story of the Targaryens. In addition, the popular character of Game of Thrones recently Jon Snow’s There were also news that showed that a TV series would be released. Now there has been a development in this regard.

The name considered for the Jon Snow series has been announced


Author of the series George R.R. Martin talked about the news that a Jon Snow series will be released. 73-year-old famous writer, the series will be released confirmed and shared some important information. Author, ” Yes, a Jon Snow drama is currently being worked on”He confirmed the news using his statements.

Martin also shared the name being considered for the highly anticipated production. Accordingly, the production, which will focus on the beloved character of Game of Thrones, ‘ snow ‘ will appear under the name. The famous writer also added the following statements: Snow, like other Game of Thrones series, was a long-developed project, but so far it has not been announced or leaked in any way.

The famous writer also talked about the series that will take place in the Game of Thrones universe, which is currently under development, and his role in these productions. Like Martin, Snow The Hedge Night, The Sea Snake, Ten Thousand ShipsHe also stated that he was involved in serials and all other animation productions.

Also, playing Jon Snow Kit Harrington It was also among the news that he presented the idea for this series to HBO and George RR Martin. There is no information yet about when the highly anticipated series will be released. However, the news shows that familiar characters may take place in the production.

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