The New Tesla Model S Will Go from İzmir to Ankara on a Single Charge

One of the most talked about topics about electric cars is the range of vehicles. One of the important criteria that those who are considering buying these cars look at is how far they can travel on a single charge. Tesla announced in its announcement that the new Model S and Model Xs have increased the distance they take on a single charge. The range of the new Model S has reached almost 600 kilometers, while the range of the Model X has increased to 523 kilometers. In other words, the new Tesla Model S can travel the 591-kilometer İzmir-Ankara road on a single charge.


It has been announced that the renewed battery pack is the one that can travel the longest distance among Tesla’s existing 100 kWh batteries. In the company statement, it also announced the vehicle’s new suspension system that can adapt. The suspension system has been upgraded to a mode called Ludicrous Mode.

Both models now feature the latest drive unit technology. Tesla says the vehicle has an efficiency rate of over 93%, thanks to its success in areas such as cooling and gear design, in addition to its engine, electronics and advanced suspension.

Tesla also said that the V3 and V2 Supercharger charges will perform faster charging. The first of these has a charging speed of 200 kW and the second has a charging speed of 145 kW.


Tesla’s new suspension allows the vehicle to be closer to the ground and work more efficiently. Former customers who are considering buying a Tesla again will be able to get the Ludicrous Mode development for free. The price of this feature is known as $20,000.

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