The One Who Thinks The End Can’t Be A Hero: Google Banned Huawei!

The ever-growing US-China economic war has hit the agenda like a bombshell with an unprecedented attack. Google, a US company, banned Huawei, one of the largest companies in China, from all its products. As a result of this ban, Huawei also lost its support for the Android operating system.

We don’t know how hard this attack, which can be considered as the biggest stake a company has made against another company, will receive a strong response from China and Huawei, but it seems like things will heat up much more.

Huawei owners, who also have a lot of users in our country, were shocked after this news. We have examined this event in depth, especially for our followers who are uncertain about what will happen to old Huawei devices. What will happen to Huawei devices? Will they still get Android updates? Is there any preparation for this situation? In the video where we answered questions such as, we briefly touched on the economic war between the USA and China.

The US-China economic war, which is a product of US President Trump’s aggressive policy, seems to have seriously damaged Huawei for the time being. In the face of this situation, it is not known what China will do, but if answers are made in the US aggression, such as stopping iPhone production, great problems may arise all over the world.

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