The Perfect Cockpit of Airbus’s New Flying Taxi

Known for its massive planes, Airbus announced in 2016 that it will work on a flying taxi. The vehicle that was intended to be produced with this project, called Vahana, was seriously impressive. After 3 years of work, it can be said that the prototype of this flying taxi is almost ready. The cockpit design of the flying taxi, which performed a successful flight at the beginning of 2019, has now been completed.

Cockpit images of the flying taxi were shared by Vahana’s developer team. Here is the cockpit of the flying taxi;


The first thing you’ll say after seeing this cockpit is, “How is it that there’s no control unit to fly?” You are right to ask this question, let me explain it right away. This flying taxi has an autopilot. So it flies by itself. The only thing left for you is to watch the surroundings from the cockpit window with a wide view in front of you and, if you wish, to follow your journey information on the high resolution screen in front of you.

The flying taxi, which is called with the help of a phone application, is designed to land on an empty land closest to the caller. However, there is a serious shortcoming in this context. Namely; The equipment required to board this plane has not yet been developed by Airbus. In other words, when the plane lands somewhere, it is not possible to get on it at the moment. But we can say that Airbus definitely has an opinion on this issue.


There is still a very long testing period to complete the development of this flying taxi. However, this point, which Airbus has reached in just a few years, gives information about how the transportation sector can be in the future.

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