The Price of the Game of Thrones Themed Galaxy Fold is Astonishing

The Game of Thrones-themed Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is currently in the pre-order phase, is exactly $ 8,200 (~ 50,000 TL). It is said that only seven of this phone were produced. In other words, if you have 50 thousand TL and you do not know where to spend it, you can pre-order this phone.

The gold, leather and embossed processed metal used in the design of the phone make the phone much heavier and impossible to fit in a pocket, which even in its normal state can cause problems in pocketing. A dragon on the top of the phone causes some of the notification screen on the front of the phone to turn off.

If you’re thinking “why should I spend so much money on an already finished series that it will eventually be forgotten”, then Caviar, the Russian company that designed the phone, also thought about it. The company designed the outer design of the phone not according to the series, but according to the new books that will be released.

Of course, it should be reminded that the Galaxy Fold is not officially on sale for now, the design in the video is a render, and this phone can only go on sale after the original Galaxy Fold is released. So the final version of the phone may not be like here. Let’s skip all that, it could also be a scam.

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