The Prototype of the Domestic Car Will Be Ready at the End of 2019

Domestic automobile works continue without slowing down. On the subject, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank made some statements. Varank said that the domestic automobile will make a great contribution to the development and transformation of the Turkish industry.

In his statements, Varank stated that there is no delay in the business calendar of the domestic car, and that we will see the first prototype of the domestic car at the end of 2019.


According to the statements made, Varank said that the two-dimensional drawing of the car has been completed and the work on three-dimensional drawings is continuing, adding that the domestic automobile project should not be considered only as an automobile, that this project is a technology project, and that such a project, at a time when electric cars are starting to become widespread, can be used in the country’s economy and automobile industry. stated that it was of great importance to

Stating that he will enter a long test process after the prototype is ready towards the end of 2019, Varank said that the car will be on the roads in 2022. Stating that a team of 50 people, most of whom are engineers, continues to work without slowing down, Mustafa Varank explained that this team continues to expand and that their goal is to establish a team of 300 people.

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