The software industry has been mobilized with e-commerce

The software industry, which is the playmaker of the e-commerce ecosystem, which has reached 220 billion TL with the effect of the pandemic, stepped up in its export journey. Stating that the mobility in e-commerce has increased the workforce of the software industry, Byte Digital Co-Founder Hakan Sancak said, “In 2021, we offered software and digital marketing solutions to more than 300 businesses. During this period, we increased our export-oriented e-commerce solutions 4 times.”

The new working order brought by the pandemic has increased the share of software, which has strategic importance in the digital transformation of all sectors, in information and communication technologies (IT). According to the data of TUBISAD (Information Industrialists’ Association), the software industry has a share of 25.2 billion dollars from the IT industry, which reached 189 billion dollars in 2020 with a growth of 22%. The sector, where the rate of domestic products reached 71%, realized an export of approximately 9 million TL as the export leader of the IT sector, with an increase of 70% in exports. Stating that software is a playmaker in the e-commerce ecosystem, Byte Digital Co-Founder Hakan Sancak said, “Software plays a major role in the growth of the e-commerce sector, which has reached 220 billion TL with an increase of approximately 165% during the pandemic. The sector, which produces high value-added products at low costs compared to other sectors, brings efficiency and competitive advantage to businesses in the e-commerce ecosystem.

Offers an e-commerce roadmap to entrepreneurs and businesses

Sancak said, “With our experienced team, we create an effective roadmap for entrepreneurs and businesses that want to take part in the e-commerce sector with different dynamics with our digital marketing, mobile application and e-commerce software services. As the Turkey partner of Shopify, the world’s most used e-commerce software infrastructure, we have brought together more than 300 businesses with our software, digital marketing and export-oriented e-commerce solutions in the last 1 year. The demands for our export-oriented e-commerce software have increased 4 times compared to the past. We supported the export journey of the software industry with the solutions we developed using new generation technologies.”

Partnering with businesses

Saying that they have established business partnerships with businesses focused on e-commerce, web software and digital marketing, Hakan Sancak said, “In the field of e-commerce, we first identify and report the needs and problems of brands. Based on this report, we develop special software or produce solutions that meet the needs by using software infrastructures such as Shopify and OpenCart. With the applications we develop for iOS and Android devices, we add value to the identities of businesses in e-commerce. We are adding new success stories of corporate businesses, especially SMEs on the way to digitalization.”

We turn digital platforms into effective advertising tools

Noting that businesses are digitizing their business models according to changing consumer behaviors, Hakan Sancak said, “Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, TikTok and Criteo have also become the main instrument of digital marketing. As part of the digital marketing consultancy we offer, we transform these platforms into effective advertising tools for businesses and undertake the storytelling of our business partners. He concluded his words by saying, “We offer a cost advantage to businesses with the win-win model that we have developed over performance-oriented pricing.”

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