The True Story of ‘Ghost Island’ Poveglia

Located very close to Venice in Italy and abandoned to its fate for many years, an island called Poveglia there is. In fact, Poveglia, which consists of three interconnected small islets, looks like a wi-fi icon when viewed from above.

You will find this candidate in almost every text and video that you will come across. most haunted island in the world You can see it as ‘. This is because the island was used as a quarantine center during the plague epidemic and Claims that ‘hundreds of thousands of people’ are graves . And of course, new paranormal urban legends that have been added to these claims over the years. However, the situation is not as described.

For hundreds of years, the island has been a safe haven for people fleeing the invaders.


The history of the island of Poveglia dates back to the 6th century. In those years I A place where people fleeing from the invaders took shelter Over the years, the island’s population both increases and begins to develop. Although the island, which lived in peace, exempt from the prohibitions and taxes of the mainland, was affected by wars and conflicts from time to time, life continued for many years on the island, where many activities such as fishing were carried out.

In a war at the end of the 14th century, the population had to be evacuated to Venice, and after this development, the population of the island began to decline. The island was occupied and devastated . After this devastating period of warfare, the island remained an empty piece of land until the 18th century.

In the 18th century, ships and boats would dock, unload and store cargoes. used as a port . With a decision taken in 1782, the island also begins to provide ‘health’ services. The story that made the island’s reputation as ‘ghosted’ begins here.

Poveglia has been used for many years as a quarantine area for those affected by the plague epidemic.


The island’s port duty, erupting changed a bit after the black plague epidemic . The structures on the island were reorganized as a quarantine area for those arriving by ships during the epidemic and for the plague in the mainland.

This quarantine zone and the structures on the island were used in the following years. a hospital providing psychiatry and internal medicine services It was later used as a nursing home. In 1968, this hospital/nursing home on the island was closed completely.


Since those years, there have been various discussions about what will happen to the island, how it will be evaluated and brought back to life. The island, which has come to the fore with various projects such as the construction of a student dormitory/living space and bringing it to tourism, has been in this ‘hope’ in the past years. Already marketed for a 99-year lease . However, these transactions did not take place due to the low bids and the fact that they could not bring as much profit to the state as planned.

In addition, the people of the region did not want the island to turn into a giant hotel area for tourism. All these developments are now an area where entry is prohibited due to empty, derelict buildingstransformed.

Why is the island called the ‘ghost island’?


As you know, the black plague is known as the deadliest epidemic in human history, causing the death of millions of people. For many years, Poveglia has been a quarantine island that has hosted plague patients and doctors. Even on a tombstone on the island ‘ Don’t dig. Here lies the victims of the epidemic‘ he is writing.

According to what has been told over the years and media coverage, the island has become a graveyard for hundreds of thousands of plague patients. Plagues were brought to the island and burned, and almost half of the island’s land consisted of the ashes of these burning bodies. . Visitors to the island heard ‘strange voices’, ‘ghosts’, ‘screams’…

There were still skeletal deposits in some parts of the island, even in the hospital that was later opened on the island, where a ‘mad doctor’ performed strange experiments on elderly patients and where he mysteriously committed suicide by throwing himself from the bell tower on the island.Stories like this have been told.


However, definitions such as ‘black death island’ and ‘ghost island’ are the result of urban legends that have been told over the years. Lorenzo Pesola, spokesperson of the association named “Poveglia per Tutti”, which was established to protect, develop and resuscitate Poveglia, that there is no basis for many of the things that are told about the island. says. Chief among these is the claim that hundreds of thousands of plagues died on the island.

According to Pesola number of people who died on the island not 160,000 or ‘hundreds of thousands’ as claimed. Maybe we can only express this number as ‘thousands’. Moreover mad doctor’s suicide storycompletely fictional.

In other words, there is only an island where people have lived and treated for hundreds of years in various ways. ruined buildings above there is. There are also stories that follow them, which do not reflect reality, which are made into fairy tales by serials and horror books.

Why is it forbidden to enter Poveglia?


The island is basically closed to visitors. In other words, not everyone who shakes their hands can go. However, it is possible to go to the island for shooting or research by obtaining the necessary permissions. It is also known that the island was entered through some illegal means. It is said that there are boats that take illegal visitors to the island for a few hundred euros. There are also plenty of photos and videos made during such visits. If the reason for the ban is abandoned buildings about to be demolishedand the damage done to the area by ‘illegal visitors’ entering the island.

Some images of abandoned buildings and streets of the island in Poveglia

















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