The virtual reality of the literary world, the metaverse, becomes reality after 30 years!

The business world is winking at the metaverse that brings together virtual and augmented reality. The researches analyzed by B2Press Online PR Service on the subject state that 44% of employees want to switch to the metaverse, this will increase their productivity and gain new benefits.

While the business world continues to evolve with digitalization, studies conducted since 2020 on the concept of metaverse, which emerged with Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel Snow Crash published in 1992, accelerate the transformation. In the metaverse, which means “virtual universe”, many municipalities, including Ankara, are starting to build their cities, while the leading companies of the business world are preparing to do business in the digital world. The data analyzed by B2Press Online PR Service gives the virtual universe from the perspective of the business world. shedding light.

There are those who point to 1 trillion dollars for 2024

Many sectors, from real estate to textiles, from technology to tourism, are bringing their business models to the metaverse. Earth Web data on the subject shows that the virtual universe, which was $ 46 billion in 2020, will reach $ 800 billion by 2024. While some estimates point out that the metaverse will reach 1 trillion dollars at the end of 3 years, it is noted that 10 thousand jobs will be created in the next 5 years, with the increase in the dominance of the virtual universe in the business world. It is predicted that the metaverse, which is thought to be an immersive extension of the physical world, combining virtual and augmented reality, will open more applicable and interactive experience areas for businesses. 44% of employees say they are already ready for the virtual universe.

The business world is preparing for the virtual universe!

The leaders of the business world, who have taken steps to adapt to new working models since the pandemic, are now preparing for the metaverse. Online PR Service B2Press, which analyzed the research conducted by Lenovo, shared the striking results. 51% of employees feel that the speed with which an employer adopts new technologies indicates their readiness for new technological realities. Almost half of them say they are willing to work in the metaverse. The data disclosed is a source of motivation for businesses that want to increase both their income and productivity.

44% of employees want to switch to the metaverse

The business world is getting ready to meet in virtual reality with people they can’t be with in physical spaces. The increasing interest of employers in the virtual universe, on the other hand, opens the door to many question marks among employees. According to the research data analyzed by B2Press, which focuses on press release distribution, 44% of employees say that they want to move to the virtual universe and that they can gain new benefits by increasing their productivity. On the other hand, 59% of employees state that their employers do not invest enough in IT systems and do not have enough knowledge to transition to the metaverse. The transition to the virtual universe, which is seen as the new investment area of ​​the future for both the business world and the governments, requires the redesign of the usual applications.

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