The voice of influencers is rising in the metaverse, the world of digital objects

The share of influencers in the marketing activities of brands is increasing. By the end of this year, the influencer marketing market in Turkey is expected to reach 50 million dollars. Sipay Marketing and Corporate Communications Director Ahmet Elbistanlı stated that the new era influencer marketing strategies of brands are shaped by user experience and digital transformation. In the metaverse, the world of digital objects, the voice of influencers will rise in the near future.”

Influencer marketing, which has gained a different place in the marketing world through social media actors such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, is becoming more and more widespread. With the acceleration of digitalization, the influencer marketing market, which has grown 6 times in the last 5 years, is guiding the future targets of the brands. According to the research study titled “The Future of Influencer Marketing” prepared by the Search Engine Marketing Agency SEMRush, the global influencer marketing market, which reached 10 billion dollars in 2020, is expected to reach 15 billion dollars with a 50% growth by the end of this year. Influencer marketing, Sipay Marketing Director and social media phenomenon Ahmet Elbistanlı, who stated that it has shown a great development in Turkey with its aspect that enables brands to reach their target audiences quickly and increase their prestige and sales by gaining awareness, said, “It is back to 2013 Vine time that brands fully discovered this side. As the first Vine phenomena, we experienced this experience for the first time at that time. Influencer marketing is expected to reach a size of $ 50 million by the end of this year. The budgets allocated here will also increase gradually. Because influencer collaborations provide brands with the advantage of reaching more accurate and large audiences at lower costs compared to traditional marketing methods, and gain efficiency.

Influencer identity gives brands a different perspective

Noting that Influencer collaborations offer fast and effective solutions to brands that want to have close contact with consumers, Ahmet Elbistanlı said, “As an influencer, besides the technical side of the business, touching the lives of millions of people and the journey of dozens of brands helps you develop more accurate strategies. With the influencer identity, I can bring a different perspective to the marketing strategies we prepare for brands. As a result of the feedback I get from the videos, I perceive very well what the Y and Z generations want and do not want. From this point of view, we can make accurate predictions and various insights about the future. It is necessary to keep up with the change in this field automatically. The influencer market, which focuses on digital transformation, will focus more on quality content and user experience in 2022.

Above all, “Qualified Content”

Pointing out that the most critical thing for both the brand and the influencer is to produce quality content, Elbistanlı said, “If the brand does not do this, it will not be able to differentiate from other brands, and if the Influencer does not produce quality content, it will be forgotten over time. Here, the common framework of both parties is “content”. While creating these contents, it is necessary to consider many details such as creativity, market analysis, keyword selection, successful design.”

“It is important to choose the right one out of 38 million influencers”

Social media phenomenon Ahmet Elbistanlı, who mentioned that brands’ influencer marketing strategies should be created by experts who have the ability to handle the issue in a multi-dimensional way and have an innovative vision, said, “Choosing the right influencer to represent the brand has a critical importance in the success of this marketing technique. There is a misconception that every phenomenon with millions of followers will be very effective for your brand. Depending on your industry and interests, sometimes even a micro influencer with 10 thousand followers can provide much more feedback. Considering that there are 38 million influencers in the world, we can say that choosing the right influencer requires serious expertise. Wrong choices cause brands to move away from their awareness and sales targets, and can cause irreparable reputational losses,” he added.

How will Influencer Marketing be in the Metaverse world?

“In the world of Metaverse, where people, places and anything you can think of are represented digitally, influencer marketing will also gain great importance. The common blood here is; be purpose-driven and community-driven. However, existing influencers will now face competition from brands ready to launch their own computer-generated avatars. In March of this year, Puma created Virtual Influencer Maya for the South East Asia region and introduced the new Future Rider sneakers. It’s had quite the impact. Influencer marketing has a critical role in incorporating consumers into the metaverse world, but brands have a lot of work to do,” Elbistanlı continues, adding, “The future potential is unlimited, but there will be many innovations that brands and influencers will experience. Those who adapt quickly to this side and continue to produce quality content will also survive,” he concluded.

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